Boatcats – A thing you didn’t know you wanted.

It’s always been a dream of mine to own a small boat and travel the world. It combines my love of travel and small space living. It’s my happy place. I close my eyes and imagine laying out on a hammock, drinking a glass of wine, watching the sun set into the ocean, and falling asleep under the stars. 

I’m also a crazy cat lady so of course I had to take it in this direction. If you decide to live on your boat, what do you do with your cats?  Take them with you, apparently! 

Here are some of my favorite instagrams full of boats and cats and cats on boats.

1. Ragamuffin_pumpkin_marine

Pumpkin and Marine are so beautiful they’ll make you question your romantic relationships.

It’s Mufasa and King Triton’s tiny furry love child.

2. tiki_boatcat

This adorable bengal boatcat somehow has less than 200 followers. What a sick, sad world we live in.

What a creep.

3. rizzotheboatcat

Sniffing that beautiful, fresh air.

This cat lives a better life than you do. Let that sink in.
4. captainlizclark

This is the instagram that got me hooked. How amazing are these two?!

If you want to explore more boat cats, check out the following hashtags: 






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